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September 30 in the City Youth Library "BUK" passed a master-class of members of the international film crew of the documentary film "Fatei and the Sea".

The master-class was attended by:

KRYSTIAN MATYSEK, Director, screenwriter and DOP for a number of documentaries, including nature films awarded at festivals and bought by broadcasters around the world. His film "With Beak and Claw" was presented and awarded at many festivals around the world. In 2014 he received prestigious awards on Chicago International Film Festival – Silver Plaque Awards and New York Festival – Bronze World Medal/ Social Issues/ for “Secrets of love”. In 2016 he has nominated to Panda Awards on Wildscreen Festival in Bristol.

MICHAŁ BIAŁOŻEJ, film professional with background in production. He gained his professional experience working on a number of documentaries, fiction, shorts and commercials, collaborating with independent producers as well as the BBC Worldwide. Currently work on his original project of a wildlife documentary about Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

SERGEI VINOKUROV, screenwriter, director. The screenwriter of the film "Blood", directed by Alina Rudnitskaya. Creative producer of the movie "Catastrophe". The director of several seasons of the series "Bandit Petersburg", the feature film "Ghoul" and others.


The moderator of the meeting was the producer and screenwriter of the film "Fatei and the Sea" Mila Kudryashova, who also worked in the production group of films "Faust", "Alexandra", "The Sun" directed by Alexander Sokurov.

Members of the film crew shared with the local cinematographers professional techniques used in the filming of documentaries. They talked about the specifics of filming in co-production, about the project's promotion to the world market.

Polish filmmakers talked about the features of filmmaking and cinema in Poland, how they work with the Russian film crew and on the specifics of working at the documentary film site.

Sergei Vinokurov shared the secrets of creating documentary film scenarios, and told what they undergoes changes during filming and editing.

The master-class of the film crew "Fatei and the Sea" is part of the educational program of the Primorye Film Commission for the filmmakers of Vladivostok and Primorye, whose speakers are Russian and foreign film professionals.






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