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In the new documentary, Vladivostok will play the role of the football capital of the Far East of Russia. The film is shooting by an international film crew on the eve of the World Cup, which will be held in Russia in 2018.

The spectator will make an exciting journey through the expanses of a multinational country, at the farthest corners of the country, where people also play football. This film will become a kind of guidebook for foreigners, the viewer will have the opportunity to see the most picturesque corners of Russia, to visit near the grandiose engineering and technical structures, to spend time with the best football players and hear their stories from the first mouth.

The film crew has already started shooting in the Primorsky Region in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, Primorsky Aquarium and on the sports field of the Marine State University. In the frame also landed sign places in Vladivostok: bridges, embankments, views, central streets of the city.

Filming is held with the support of the Primorsky Region Administration, the Administration of Vladivostok and the Primorye Film Commission.

Every year Primorye causes increasing interest among filmmakers from around the world. Filming international projects contribute to direct investment in the region and increase the tourist attractiveness of Primorsky Region. To date, the Primorye Film Commission has been working with Asian film companies to organize filming in Primorye of two feature films in early 2018.

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