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On December 19, a renewed Cinema Museum hosted a meeting of the Government Council of the Development of Russian Cinematography chaired by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The film commissions became one of the topics of the meeting. In a welcoming speech, Medvedev said that this year "pilot projects were launched that roll over the mechanism for the return of part of the costs incurred in the production of films in the regions, which should allow expanding the geography of the filming." Also, the Prime Minister noted the successes of the cinematographic program of the regions: "There is a re-equipment of cinemas. This program should be continued, because it is useful and is waiting for in various territories. And we are talking, of course, about re-equipment based on modern technology, and a significant part of the film screenings there is reserved for Russian films. "

One of the main was the report of the Executive Director of the Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support of National Cinematography Anton Malyshev. He told that in 2017, in conjunction with the Association of Film and Television Producers and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Cinema Foundation carried out work on the creation of film commissions and the introduction of the rebate mechanism. "Pilot projects have been launched in the Kaliningrad region, Primorsky Region, and the Ulyanovsk region, Malyshev said. - Film commissions were created, the first rebates were paid to seven projects for the total amount of 20 million rubles. It's a little, however the pilot is run-in. The next year in the budgets of only these regions we have already laid 70 million rubles. "

In addition, film commissions have been set up in seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation, negotiations are currently underway to create film commissions in the Leningrad Region, the Perm Territory, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and the Vladimir Region.

Recall that the Primorsky Territory was the first region of Russia, where a film commission was established, a system of rebates was introduced and the first rebate was paid.

In his report, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky noted that the total growth of the film industry in Russia in the past two years was 65%: "Probably this is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, and not only in Russia."

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