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British operators Jeff Wilson and Simon Niblet have been coming to the Sikhote-Alin Reserve for the third winter to shoot the Amur tiger in the wild.

The plot of the Amur tiger will be part of the 8-series documentary "Our Planet", which goal is to show the diversity of the world's forests and tell about the importance of their preservation.

The British documentaries cooperated with the specialists of the reserve very closely. Thanks to this, the best places for filming were found: "It was important for us to get shots where the tiger is in a natural environment and conducts its usual way of life, typical of a wild beast," says Jeff Wilson. - And the risk was justified - those shots that managed to get - are unique. In the world there is not so much high quality material with the Amur tiger in the natural environment, and we are proud of what we managed to do. "

In addition to Russia, shooting were conducted in the United States, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar and other unique places on the planet. The film's premiere is scheduled for April 2019. The Netflix audience is more than 100 million people worldwide.


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