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Shooting a television feature film "To the End of the World", directed by Ilya Aksenov, by the film company “Good Story Media” was held in Vladivostok with the support of the Primorye Film Commission.

An international film crew of the documentary film "Fateich and the Sea" arrived in Vladivostok. The group consists of Russian, Polish and Finnish cinematographers. The documentary film is created in international co-production by Proline Film (Russia), ARKANA (Poland), ILLUME (Finland).

On August 8, 2017, the Foreign Ministry’s specialized website for issuing e-visas to foreign citizens to visit the free port of Vladivostok.

The first subsidy for reimbursement of cinematography organizations - Rebate - in the history of Russia was paid in the Primorsky Region of the Mars Media film company, which shot a feature film "On the District" in Vladivostok in the fall of 2016.

On July 9, in the youth library BUK, the Singaporean director KM Lo conducted a master-class for beginner filmmakers. 

The Singapore director and author of the educational program TUK TUK Cinema KM Lo conducted a series of workshops for children from the profile movie camp of the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean".

The Primorye Film Commission continues a series of master classes as part of an educational program for local filmmakers. This time the director from Singapore KM Lo came to Vladivostok.

The public protection of short film projects hosted in the city youth library the BUK.

Out of the total number of submitted applications, 5 projects were selected. Teams consisting of directors, producers, writers, and operators presented their presentations to the expert committee.

On June 23, within the framework of the forum, the conference "Development of Regional Film Production. Experience of work of film commissions in Russia " was held.

The International Street Cinema Festival started in Vladivostok on June 2 with six short films by young Russian directors. Tapes were selected from 700 works sent from all over Russia. 

The film company "Mars Media Entertainment" with the film "On the District" can count on reimbursement of a part of the cost of film production following the results of the contest in Primorye.

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