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year 2019
country Russia
directed by Ilya Aksenov
screenplay Bill Diamond, Pavel Tikhomirov, Maxim Parshin, Alexey Litvinenko, Kirill Trifonov
cinematography by Alexey Filippov
music by   
produced by

Anton Schukin, Anton Zaitsev, Artem Loginov, Alexander Dulerain

cast  Boris Dergachev, Daria Rudenok, Nikita Pavlenko, Yan Ge
genres comedy, romance
production companies Good Story Media

In the center of the plot - the story that takes place on the summer streets dug up in the Moscow, as well as in the hot latitudes of Vladivostok - a city half Asian, and partly European. With the heroes of the film, as in life, the events that were planned are not at all the way they were intended. The girl is ready to answer her lover's consent to a marriage proposal. However, the guy is in no hurry to ask the question or is not solved at all, so instead of the cherished sentence, the heroine hears the standard and common: “How are you?”. And while the guy treats a spiritual wound, eating pizza and playing video games, his lover flies to Vladivostok. The main character decides to impress his darling, having flown to her and breaking thousands of kilometers. But in Vladivostok, he suddenly finds himself under the gun, and then falls into the hands of hundreds of angry Chinese. And it seems that this will be the most romantic memory in his life.



year 1975
country Soviet Union, Japan
directed by Akira Kurosawa
screenplay Akira Kurosawa, Yuriy Nagibin, Vladimir Arsenev
cinematography by Fyodor Dobronravov, Yuriy Gantman, Asakazu Nakai
music by  Isaac Schwarts
produced by

 Yoichi Matsue, Nikolay Sizov

cast Yuriy Solomin, Maksim Munzuk, Aleksandr Pyatkov, Svetlana Danilchenko
genres Adventure | Biography | Drama
production companies Atelier 41|Daiei Studios |Mosfilm

A Russian army explorer who is rescued in Siberia by a rugged Asian hunter renews his friendship with the woodsman years later when he returns as the head of a larger expedition. The hunter finds that all of his nature lore is of no help when he accompanies the explorer back to civilization.


year 1989
country Soviet Union
directed by Vitali Kanevsky
screenplay Vitali Kanevsky
cinematography by Vladimir Brylyakov
music by   Sergei Banevich
produced by


cast Dinara Drukarova, Pavel Nazarov, Elena Popova 
genres Drama
production companies Lenfilm Studio |SPiEF |Studio Troitskij Most

Two children living in a remote mining town in the distant wastes of Siberia in 1947, survive poverty and hardship through the warmth of their friendship and a shared sense of humour.


year 2004
country Japan
directed by Hideta Takahata
screenplay Tetsurou Asou
cinematography by Jun Nakamura
music by   
produced by

 Yuichiro Etou, Kyukan Maeda, Yasushi Ogawa, Yoshihiro Suzuki, Masao Toshima

cast Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Miki Nakatani, Teruyuki Kagawa
genres Drama
production companies Venus Pictures

In a strange alienated world there is a secret hotel in a shabby diner called the Venus Café, harboring some unusual people where compelling secrets lie in each resident's heart. Torturing secrets that have broken their emotional boundaries in the past. In this bittersweet, heart-wrenching story, there lives a man by the name of Chonan (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) who lives in the attic and works as a waiter or handyman at the hotel. Room 1 is shared by two residents; an incapable alcoholic and an illegal doctor named Doctor (Teruyuki Kagawa) and Wife (Miki Nakatani) who used to be a nurse but now works as a hostess living in the hopes of Doctor's recuperation. In Room 3 lives a bubbly girl by the name of Soda (Jo Eun Ji), who came from a deserted town where no one flowers flourished and has a dream to open her own flower shop. Finally, Room 4, occupied by a challenging young boy by the name of Boy (Lee Joon Gi), who carries around a gun longing to become a strong man and wishes to some day ...


year 2005
country South Korea
directed by Kyung-taek Kwak
screenplay Kyung-taek Kwak
cinematography by Kyung-pyo Hong
music by   Hyeong-seok Kim
produced by


cast Dong-Gun Jang, Jung-jae Lee, Mi-yeon Lee
genres Drama
production companies Zininsa Film Production

Myung-sin, who has become a pirate, lives with hatred in his heart and endures the hardships, seeks revenge on the two nations, North and South Korea, using nuclear waste that has the devastating power of plutonium. Se-jong, a South Korean naval officer departs with his team of elite forces to prevent Sin's master plan of Nuclear Typhoon. Born under the same skies of the same race, but of a completely different nation... Living a life so different, the two point their guns at each other's heart...


year 2008
country Russia, France
directed by F.J. Ossang 
screenplay F.J. Ossang 
cinematography by Gleb Teleshov
music by   
produced by

 Pascal Metge, Alexandr Doluda

cast Elvire, Guy McKnight
genres Short, Drama
production companies Oss / 100 Films & Documents, Vladivostok Film Commission




year 2009
country Russia
directed by Nikolay Khomeriki
screenplay Aleksandr Rodionov
cinematography by Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev
music by   
produced by

 Roman Borisevich, Aleksandr Kushaev

cast Alisa Khazanova, Boris Kamorzin, Yuriy Safarov
genres Drama
production companies Koktebel Film Company

Angelina lives in a big city on the sea cost, where handsome men and beautiful women are strolling the streets with only one purpose: to have fun, flirt and love. But Angelina, being pretty, intelligent, and nice, finds herself lonely. She is police officer and her job is helping abandoned kids, orphans, and troubled youngsters. One day one of her charges, a little boy, explains Angelina how lonely, dull and useless she is. Those words have been bothering her ever since, and she decides to change herself.. Angelina starts her way through the darkness.


year 2011
country Russia
directed by Alexandr Aravin 
screenplay Elena Rajskaya 
cinematography by Victor Sheinin, Mikhail Veriysky
music by   
produced by

 Sergey Zhigunov

cast Ivan Stebunov, Evgeny Sidikhin, Olga Arntgolts, Kirill Pletnev, Irina Apeksimova, Sergey Zhigunov
genres Adventure
production companies Sergey Zhigunov Production Center 

About the fight against poachers and fish mafia in the Far East, Astrakhan, Murmansk


year 2014
country Russia
directed by Vasily Serikov
screenplay Travis Leake, Igor Porublyov
cinematography by Dmitriy Yashonkov
music by  Ivan Uryupin
produced by

 Aleksey Sidorov

cast Makar Zaporozhskiy, Denis Nikiforov, Gaël Kamilindi
genres Action, Crime
production companies Central Partnership

A gas tanker is attacked by a gang of Somali pirates in the gulf of Aden. The Russian Navy sends a destroyer to free the hijacked ship.


year 2014
country Japan
directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
screenplay Kiyoshi Kurosawa
cinematography by Shinya Kimura
music by  Yûsuke Hayashi
produced by

 Yumi Arakawa, Hirohisa Mukuju

cast Atsuko Maeda, Ryôhei Suzuki, Aissy
genres Mystery, Thriller
production companies AKS Co. |Django Film |Nikkatsu

Akiko travels to Vladivostok Russia to meet Matsunaga who she first met in Tokyo and is unable to forget. Even though Akiko meets Matsunaga again, Matsunaga does not remember her. Matsunaga tells her not to trust anyone in a foreign country and he leaves. Akiko tries to find Matsunaga again, but she is attacked by the mafia and thrown out in a wasteland in the middle of nowhere without her luggage or any money.


year 2015
country Russia
directed by Evgeny Bedarev
screenplay Evgeny Bedarev, Dmitry Bedarev
cinematography by Maxim Shinkorenko
music by  Roman Arkhipov, Alexander Afanasov
produced by

 Sergey Mayorov, Erwin Ilizirov, Olga Kaimakova

cast Alexander Petrov, Svetlana Sukhanova, Tatyana Orlova, Alexey Vasilyev
genres Mystery, adventure
production companies IVD Kino

The terrible secret of the Guardians is open. The failure of the land in an abandoned mountain monastery freed a force that threatens all life on Earth. In parallel worlds, the struggle for power unfolded, each leading his own deadly game, and it is impossible to understand who is the enemy and who is the friend. There is only one chance for salvation. But for the last Hope you need strong Faith and passionate Love.