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year 2018
country Russia, Poland, Finland 
directed by Alina Rudnitskaya, Sergey Vinokurov
screenplay Mila Kudryashova
cinematography by Christian Matyshek, Teemu Liakka 
music by  Alexander Zaripov
produced by

Andrei Sigle, Dorota Rozhkovska, Pertti Wejelainen

genres Documentary
production companies Proline Film, ARKANA Polland, ILLUME OY Finland

 In the center of the plot is a man named Fateich, who, along with his family, lives on an uninhabited island in Peter the Great Bay. He keeps his underwater farm and produces seafood delicacies for the big world. This is a story about the life of a little man who is inextricably linked with the surrounding nature.