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year 2016
country China
directed by Kwok Cheung Tsang (Derek Tsang)
screenplay Anni Baobei, Wing-Sum Lam, Yuan Li, Nan Wu, Yimeng Xu
cinematography by Jake Pollock, Jing-Pin Yu
music by  Yusuke Hatano, Peter Kam
produced by

Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Yuet-Jan Hui

cast  Dongyu Zhou, Sichun Ma, Toby Lee
genres Drama, Romance
production companies J.Q. Pictures / We Productions

30 year-old working woman LI ANSHENG's life in Shanghai is suddenly disrupted by the publication of a novel, entitled "Qiyue and Ansheng", a chronicle of her friendship with QIYUE during her youth. Coupled with an accidental encounter with SU JIA-MING, her long repressed memories are unleashed with the force of a tsunami-The two girls seemed destined to become friends from the moment they entered high school.Though they were inseparable and believed that their bond would last for the rest of their lives, the cruelty of youth eventually led them to separate paths. Even more shocking is the discovery of a long buried secret shared by the women - a secret that serves as an emblem of their youth and the proof of their friendship.