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year 2014
country Russia
directed by Alexey Kozlov
screenplay Andrey Tumarkin
cinematography by Valery Degtyaryov
music by  Yuri Poteenko
produced by


cast Alexander Baluev, Alexey Kravchenko, Denis Nikiforov, Alexander Ustyugov, Maria Poroshina
genres Drama, crime
production companies KontAkt Production / NTV

In a small village located in the taiga of Primorsky Region, hereditary huntsman Pavel Shirokov lives. Once on his plot there was a daring crime: poachers shot off two Ussurian tigers. On the same day, DPS officers stopped an SUV on the highway. At the request to open the trunk, the passengers reacted aggressively, a shootout began, and all its participants were killed. Colonel Khazov, who arrived at the crime scene, found dead tigers in the trunk of the car and found out in one of the dead poachers a local hunter-guide. Khazov is sure: in the coming days, the criminals will look for a new person who can take them to the next tiger. He suggests that Shirokov be ahead of the poachers and be the first to reach the location of the tiger in order to have time to prevent the killing of the animal. Already in the taiga, practically tracking down the Ussuri tiger, Shirokov realizes that he has fallen into a death trap ...