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year 2019
country Russia
directed by Ilya Aksenov
screenplay Bill Diamond, Pavel Tikhomirov, Maxim Parshin, Alexey Litvinenko, Kirill Trifonov
cinematography by Alexey Filippov
music by   
produced by

Anton Schukin, Anton Zaitsev, Artem Loginov, Alexander Dulerain

cast  Boris Dergachev, Daria Rudenok, Nikita Pavlenko, Yan Ge
genres comedy, romance
production companies Good Story Media

In the center of the plot - the story that takes place on the summer streets dug up in the Moscow, as well as in the hot latitudes of Vladivostok - a city half Asian, and partly European. With the heroes of the film, as in life, the events that were planned are not at all the way they were intended. The girl is ready to answer her lover's consent to a marriage proposal. However, the guy is in no hurry to ask the question or is not solved at all, so instead of the cherished sentence, the heroine hears the standard and common: “How are you?”. And while the guy treats a spiritual wound, eating pizza and playing video games, his lover flies to Vladivostok. The main character decides to impress his darling, having flown to her and breaking thousands of kilometers. But in Vladivostok, he suddenly finds himself under the gun, and then falls into the hands of hundreds of angry Chinese. And it seems that this will be the most romantic memory in his life.