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In July 2016, three houses of culture of Primorye won a competition for the support of movie theaters in the settlements of the Russian Federation with a population of less than 100 thousand people. This is the Center of Culture of Leisure and Library Services of the Kavalerovo District in the village of Kavalerovo, the Cultural and Leisure Center of Lesozavodsk and the Culture and Leisure Center of the Oktyabrsky District in the village of Pokrovka. Each movie theater received a subsidy from the Cinema Foundation up to five million rubles for the purchase of a screen, a projector and other cinematographic equipment.

"An indispensable condition for a converted movie theater is the demonstration of domestic films in the volume of at least 50% of the screenings in a quarter," added Vadim Potapov, head of the Financial and Production Department of the Cinema Foundation.

Thus, residents of even the most remote corners of Primorye will be able to watch new products of the film distribution.

Five million rubles for the creation of movie theaters this year will also receive the village of Vostok, the village of Chernigovka, Artem and Dalnerechensk.