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The public protection of short film projects hosted in the city youth library the BUK.

Out of the total number of submitted applications, 5 projects were selected. Teams consisting of directors, producers, writers, and operators presented their presentations to the expert committee.

All projects were united by a theme of love. There were stories about love between a man and a woman, about the love of the city, about the love of the sea and the native land.

"Pitchings are an important part of the educational program," says Dmitriy Shevtsov, head of the Primorye Film Commission, "for us it is important to develop regional cinematograph as an instrument of promotion of Primorsky Region. Pitching gives us the opportunity to find stuff for work on major Russian and international projects. "

The project "Memory", the authors Konstantin Sokolov and Yulia Nemtseva, became the winner of the First Pitching of Short Film Projects of the Primorye Film Commission. The film unfolds in the open spaces of Primorsky Region and tells about love that overcomes the time and boundaries between the worlds.

"I personally liked this story because it carries a certain state. It has more opportunities for cinematographic language than others. Speaking only a cinema language, without dialogues, is difficult, but so this project is interesting. After all, you always need to show something that touches you. Sincerity always touches and in this project it is "- said member of the Primorye Film commission, director Gleb Teleshov.

The project "Memory" will be implemented with maximum support from the Primorye Film Commission. Preparation, shooting and postproduction of the film will take about 3 months. After that, a wide audience will be able to watch the movie.

Pitchings of short film projects will be conducted by the Primorye Film Commission every 3 months. The next one will be held in autumn. Thus, this year two short films will be shot in Primorye.