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The Primorye Film Commission continues a series of master classes as part of an educational program for local filmmakers. This time the director from Singapore KM Lo came to Vladivostok.

After working more than 30 years in film and television production, KM Lo decided to create his own film school, but not ordinary, but mobile. TUK TUK Cinema is an international educational program. It is divided into 2 areas: cognitive workshops for children (entry level) and master classes for beginning cinematographers (professional level). With the mobile film school KM Lo visited 9 countries in Asia and, finally, reached Russia.

In Vladivostok KM Lo will hold 2 master classes: for young children, who are interested in filmmaking, and for local cinematographers.

KM Lo acted as director of 8 films, and also worked as a producer, production director and screenwriter on more than 20 projects. He is an expert in creating films with a micro budget. Now in the production process is his film "Homeless in Japan." He shared this experience with the cinematographers of Vladivostok.