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On July 9, in the youth library BUK, the Singaporean director KM Lo conducted a master-class for beginner filmmakers. As part of the educational program of the Primorye Film Commission, he shared his experience in creating low-budget films, told how to save money on production and how to make a film alone.

KM Lo is a director and producer of his films, as well as an operator, screenwriter, gopher and art director. He has extensive experience in the film and television industries of Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. KM Lo periodically teaches at various film schools throughout Asia and the first thing he says to his students: "Go and shoot your film." KM Lo believes that the main thing in the film process is a huge desire to make a movie and tell a story, and the skill comes with experience.

During the master class, KM Lo showed the audience a few techniques for shooting action scenes, showed examples of his work using these techniques. He told about multicamera shooting, which he uses to make the process of production of films cheaper.

Now KM Lo is editing his film «Homeless in Japan». And in the near future he plans to make a movie in Vladivostok.