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An international film crew of the documentary film "Fateich and the Sea" arrived in Vladivostok. The group consists of Russian, Polish and Finnish cinematographers. The documentary film is created in international co-production by Proline Film (Russia), ARKANA (Poland), ILLUME (Finland).

The main theme of the film is the development of the family business to create mariculture farms in the Far East of Russia and a careful attitude to the richest biological resources of our Far Eastern seas. The film is set on the islands of Peter the Great Bay. It is a film about the fortress of the human spirit, about a dream that becomes a guiding star and a Russian national character.

The director of the film is Alina Rudnitskaya, a famous Russian documentary filmmaker, and her film "Blood" received the Special Prize of the Jury of the Pacific Meridian Film Festival in 2014. 

The project received support from the National Film Institute of Poland, the Film Foundation of Finland, as well as the grant from the EURIMAGE Foundation, which became a precedent in the domestic documentary.

The film is created with the support of the Administration of Primorsky territory, the TV channel "Public Television of Primorye", Far Eastern Federal University, Primorye Film Commission. 

On September 2, "Public Television of Primorye" within the framework of the project and the filming of a special issue of the "Sea Assembly" program will be held on the Island of Ricord retreat conference on the topic: "Mariculture in Primorye: the future industry or the risk of enthusiasts?".

Issues of Russian legislation on mariculture, world experience and possibilities of borrowing technologies, development of marine farms to the sectoral level, biological aspects of mariculture in the northern seas will be discussed.

The conference will be attended by industry experts, deputies of the Primorsky Territory Legislative Assembly, heads of public and executive structures associated with the maritime business.