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Shooting a television feature film "To the End of the World", directed by Ilya Aksenov, by the film company “Good Story Media” was held in Vladivostok with the support of the Primorye Film Commission.

The script of the film was originally written for Vladivostok, so there was no question of choosing the location for the filming. According to the plot of the film, the main character is an indecisive young man, who does not finish anything, tries to make an offer to his girlfriend. But this task is too much for him. The girl runs away from him to the end of the world - to Vladivostok, where he goes to return her.

«In the film is a remarkable selection of actors - says the creative producer of the picture Maxim Parshin. - Borya Dergachev is a wonderful comedian, who understands everything, plays comedy. His texture is not the most typical for a romantic hero, but this is all the great. Nikita Pavlenko, the star of the series “The Law of the Stone Jungle”, plays a local resident. The main female roles in the film are performed by young actresses - Jan Ge and Daria Rudenok».

As locations for the shooting, the most important places of the city were chosen: the airport, the yacht club “Seven feet”, the Tokarevsky lighthouse, the Old Yard of GUM and others.

«We shot in different parts of the city to show it in all its glory. This is the center of the city, the C-56 submarine, the bridge, the marine station - in general those places that are associated with Vladivostok. The scenario has largely changed based on local locations,” said Maxim Parshin.

Every year the number of films filmed in the Primorsky Territory increases. Over the past few years, such films as "The Old Bodyguard", director Sammo Hung, "The Tiger's Trail", director Alexei Kozlov, "Soul Mate", director Derek Tsang, "On the District", director Olga Zueva and others were shot here.



Photos from the set