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On February 21, the Primorye Film Commission together with the city youth library BUK conducted a master class of members of the crew of the new project, which will be filmed in Primorye.

The master class was attended by the production director Oleg Trofim, the cinematographer Denis Firstov, the production designer Artur Mirzoyan. The master class was visited by more than 120 people.

The filmmakers shared their experience with the local film community and willingly answered questions from the audience.

Oleg Trofim, the director of the film "The Ice", who broke all records of Russian films of the box office for the first weekend, spoke about his methods of preparing for the shooting, - "The director's explication is such a document, a very convenient thing. This is when the director selects the references of the concepts, dream-castes, music references. I was faced with the fact that few people make an explication for the feature films, I constantly made them for commercial, it is impossible without it. It really helps in the work. After looking at the explication, each member of the crew will know what will be the concept of the film and what is required specifically from him. The artist understands what to push off from, the operator understands what we will shoot. "

The director also talked about how to disclose the actors, and how difficult it is to work with children on the set.

Production designer Arthur Mirzoyan told about his project "The Secret of the Dragon's Seal: A Journey to China", which is planned for release this summer. "It was a very interesting and big project. In China, in general, the film industry is much more developed than we have, they have a lot of films, and many of them are comparable with Hollywood’s." Arthur also gave a small applied master class to decorators, he told how to quickly and easily make a web using PVA glue and a conventional drill.

Denis Firstov told about the films he inspires in his work and how important it is an understanding between the director and the cinematographer on the set. "The director explains that he wants to see how he imagines the picture, and I already see it through myself and I imagine how it should look through the lens of the camera, what light is needed, and so on. "

Local cinematographers were interested in the interaction between the director and the production designer on the set, the work of the operator with the gaffer, the degree of involvement of the producers in the creation of the film. 

Master classes of Russian and foreign professionals are part of the educational program of the Primorye Film Commission for the filmmakers of Vladivostok and Primorye.

In 2017 a series of master classes was held. In 2018, the Primorye Film Commission will continue to attract film industry specialists to its program. Also in the plans of the Film Commission for the year 2018 the opening of the Film School for the training of specialists of the assistant staff, which are always in demand on the film sets of Russian and foreign projects.