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On May 7, the crew of the project "Happy People" arrived in Vladivostok, led by director Dmitry Vasukov, winner of the "Laurel Branch 2008" award for Best Documentary. "Happy people" is a series of documentary films, the main theme of which is the belief of a man in himself and the survival skill in harsh environmental conditions. Previous films of the cycle were filmed on the Yenisei, the White Sea and the Altai.

The new film will begin in Vladivostok, from here the film crew will go to a 12-day sea voyage on a sailboat together with the captain from Vladivostok along the Kuril ridge and Kamchatka to the island of Bering. The film will take place on the coast of Kamchatka, Chukotka, and Alaska, which until the middle of the 19th century was inextricably linked with Russian explorers, and where Russians still live, preserved the way and life of the northern man.

The main heroes are the Chukchi whaler, Kamchatka hunter, sailor and philosopher, and four generations of the family of former Russian noblemen living on the bank of the Matanuska River in Alaska.

Filming is held with the support of the Primorye Film Commission.