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Academy-Award winner Ross Kauffman and producer Alexandra Parker came to Vladivostok to finish the documentary shooting about the tiger conservation for Discovery Channel. First time the director came to Primorye in February. This time main part of shooting will be held in the Bikin river valley. Pavel Fomenko, the head of the Department for Conservation of Rare Species, Amur branch of WWF Russia, became one of the heroes of the film. He participated in the first «soft» release of tigers into the wild in Russia in the beginning of the May. This episode, filmed by Anatoly Petrov and Oleg Kabalik, will be released in the film. WWF, WCS, Amur Tiger center, Rehabilitation center in Aleekseevka  and Primorye Film Commission support filming. 

TAKEN BY THE TIGER is a feature-length documentary film about tiger conservation. The film takes place in several tiger-range countries, with key stories in Russia, India and Bhutan. These stories address the primary challenges to conservation progress in the tiger range. It will touch on universal issues such as the history of how tigers have come close to extinction, and the global significance of the tiger across cultures, religions and art forms.  

A century ago, 100,000 wild tigers roamed Asia. Today, fewer than 4,000 live in the wild. The cumulative tiger range has diminished exponentially, and the protection of wildlife territories and corridors is challenged by the demands of economic development. The expanding global market for illegal wildlife parts has also accelerated the loss of tigers across Asia. But today, there exists a vast diversity of efforts aimed at combating the threats to tigers. In some regions, tiger populations are in fact increasing, and in other areas, innovative strategies and groundwork are being put in place to foster future population growth.  

In 2019, Discovery Communications will share these stories with the world in this feature- length landmark documentary from lauded filmmaking team, including Academy-Award winners Ross Kauffman and Fisher Stevens, and Academy-Award nominee Radical Media. The film will inspire and engage the world to support conservation efforts.  


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