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On August 25 at the Amphitheater on the Sports Embankment there were screenings of the All-Russian Action Cinema Night 2018. The organizer of the action in Vladivostok was the Primorye Film Commission with the support of Administration of Primorsky Region and Vladivostok city. 

At 18.00, the photo zone "Film set" began to work. Every spectator could feel himself a member of the film crew: slapping a movie-clapper, standing behind the camera, and sitting on the director's chair.

Those who wanted to take part in the filming of the cinema in Primorsky Region were able to fill out questionnaires and take pictures for the base of the stunts.

At 20.00 the film "The Last Bogatyr" was shown, the Amphitheater was filled with people to the full. Review of the second film "Frontier" did not prevent the rain that began. Showing the third film "Tanks" had to be canceled due to worsening weather conditions.

On August 25, about 700 people visited the site of the Cinema Night action in Vladivostok.

The All-Russian action Cinema Night takes place in our country for the third time, its organizers are the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Foundation. Every year the number of sites participating in the action is growing.