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July 5, the Primorye Film Commission announced the acceptance of works for the First script competition, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Primorsky Region. The works were taken within a month, by August 5, 44 film script were submitted for the competition.

One of the main conditions of the contest was that the action of history should take place in Primorye. The main locations in the scenarios were Vladivostok, Popov Island, Nakhodka, Big Stone, etc.

Participation in the contest was accepted not only by Primorsky script writers. Scenarios came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk. Six works were held in the semifinal of the competition. In the finals there are only three:

1. "The sea. Girl. Lighthouse », scriptwriter Vladimir Sidenko

2. "Biostation", scriptwriter Marianna Smirnova

3. "The Soul of Primorye", scriptwriter Kristina Tolmacheva

The winner of the First Script Competition of the Primorye Film Commission is Vladimir Sidenko's script "The Sea. Girl. Lighthouse". This is a story about a girl who lives on a lighthouse and listens to his tales, writes them down, clogs them in glass bottles and throws them into the sea. Once a bottle with her story is found by Egor, the grandson of the former lighthouse keeper. Impressed with the story, he sends it to his father, the editor-in-chief of the publishing house. He lights up the idea of publishing a book of fairy tales. But the girl sets the publisher an untenable condition.

Preparation for the shooting of the film on the scenario-winner will begin in September.

All the scripts sent to the contest will be collected into the base of the film scripts of the Primorye Film Commission and, in agreement with the authors, will be provided to producers and directors interested in filming in the Primorsky Region.