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“In the hood” is the directorial debut of the actress and model Olga Zueva. Olga was born and raised in Vladivostok, and decided to shoot her first film here on her own script.

Olga Zueva, director: “This is not my first script, the producers chose it for the realization of the two proposed. I have always been interested in the life of my male peers. I left Vladivostok, became a model, studied, and the children who grew up with me, in the same conditions, have completely different life... I see that it’s very difficult for a young man in Russia to find himself. Because there are few prospects, and social conditions for growth too, it is especially difficult to be realized in small towns. In the film “In the hood” I discuss these topics. This is a trip to the world: what would happen to me if I were a guy and lived in Vladivostok? .. "

The main roles in the film were performed by Ilya Malanin and Danila Kozlovsky. The film received good reviews at the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi. According to the script of the film, the main character Vova (Ilya Malanin) and his best friend Kisa (Danila Kozlovsky) earn money by engaging in illegal activities. Their life is spent on a wave of fun, in pursuit of thrills and short-term pleasures, until another order brings their friendship to the main test, forcing everyone to answer the question: who are you?

Ilya Malanin, performer of the role of Vova: “In the film, everyone can find something for himself. Perhaps girls, for example, will see the burden of responsibility on men. And another important idea is that if a person has a desire to change something, then this means something. There are guys who all live in the literal sense of life on the district: they study with the same people, grow up and still sit on the same bench and drink beer. And they often do not know what they want. And our heroes are trying to break this circle and achieve something. ”

The film was produced by Ruben Dishdishyan, Sergey Bobza and Danila Kozlovsky.

Danila Kozlovsky, producer, performer of the role of Kisa: “Vladivostok is an absolutely cinematographic city! He is treacherously few in the movies. As a producer, it was very interesting. ”

“In the hood” is the first film project in Russia that received a subsidy for cinema organizations to reimburse part of the costs incurred in the region (rebate).