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Primorye Film Commission presented opportunities for filming in Russia at the International Film Forum in Busan

Primorye Film Commission took part in the Film Forum 2018 LINK OF CINE-ASIA in Busan, and presented the possibilities of filming in Russia at the Rising ASIA session. Rising ASIA annually presents unique filming locations, infrastructure, personnel, equipment and other capabilities in three Asian regions. In 2018, they were Russia (Primorsky Region), Cambodia and Myanmar.

«Mountain Odyssey» is a travel documentary series produced by Root Communications with the grant from Korea Radio Promotion Association regarding UHD production. It's a 12 episodes series with each episode being 50 minutes long. The film crew is traveling via Siberian Express Train (starting from Vladivostok and arriving at Moscow) and summit mountains and visit various landmarks along the way.

The shooting of the documentary «Russia from a bird's-eye view» took place in the Primorsky Region. Filming was conducted by the «Red Square» film company commissioned by Channel One, with the support of the Russian Geographical Society and the Primorye Film Commission.

“In the hood” is the directorial debut of the actress and model Olga Zueva. Olga was born and raised in Vladivostok, and decided to shoot her first film here on her own script.

The film crew of the new feature film under the working title "Dance Line" arrived in Vladivostok from Moscow. At the weekend, the locations scouting and a large-scale casting of dancers for the film were held. 

On August 29, on the official channel of the pop band NGT48 on Youtube, a clip for the 4th single entitled "To the people of the World" was released. The first day the video was watched by about 100 thousand people. 

July 5, the Primorye Film Commission announced the acceptance of works for the First script competition, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Primorsky Region. The works were taken within a month, by August 5, 44 film script were submitted for the competition. 

On August 25 at the Amphitheater on the Sports Embankment there were screenings of the All-Russian Action Cinema Night 2018. The organizer of the action in Vladivostok was the Primorye Film Commission with the support of Administration of Primorsky Region and Vladivostok city. 

August 25 Primorsky Region for the third time will take part in the All-Russian action "Cinema Night". The event is held for the third year by the Cinema Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in conjunction with regional administrations. Each year the number of participating cities increases.

The Primorye Film Commission announces the beginning of the acceptance of works for the Film script competition, timed to the 80th anniversary of the Primorsky Region. The competition of film scripts of short feature films will be held at the initiative of the Primorye Film Commission from July 5 to August 15, 2018. The scripts of the films, which take place in the territory of Primorye, are accepted for the competition. Timing of films is limited to 15 minutes. The theme of the competition is The stories by the sea.

The film directed by debutant Olga Zueva "In the hood" was filmed in Vladivostok in the fall of 2016. This is the first project in Russia that received a subsidy for cinematography organizations to recover part of the costs incurred in the region (rebate).

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